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Does Umbrella Insurance Attach to Every Type of Insurance?

Does Umbrella Insurance Attach to Every Type of Insurance?

The short answer is yes – Umbrella insurance attaches to every type of insurance. When you make the decision to have a comprehensive conversation with your insurance agent you will learn that standard insurance policies have limits of protection.

There are either monetary limits or situational limits. Some insurance policies offer a certain amount of financial recuperation notwithstanding the amount of liability that may be incurred. 

Some standard insurance policies are limited by the situation or actual event that brought on the liability. The type of event that occurs may not be covered by a standard policy.

Open Your Umbrella Insurance Policy For More Comprehensive Protection

Umbrella insurance answers the call for those uncovered matters. Your insurance agent will inform you how you can attach an umbrella policy to your home insurance, auto insurance, commercial policy, renters policy, or just about any insurance product you can imagine. Basically, an umbrella policy is used as an extension device to cover liability that goes beyond the scope of a standard policy. It is of the utmost importance to speak with an experienced professional regarding your individual needs. 

Express Your Way to being Rest assured  

The agents and professional staffers at Express Insurance in Longwood FL will clearly outline how umbrella insurance can assist you in protecting your professional and personal lifestyle. We are located in Longwood FL 32779.  Stop at our office today or call to learn about umbrella insurance or one of the other insurance products (auto, home, commercial, condo, renters) we specialize in. Finding out the most about a particular type of insurance is a sound decision before you may need to use the insurance product.   

Can your landlord require you to have renters insurance?

A landlord can require you to have renters insurance to rent an apartment or condo, but there is no law in Florida saying you have to have renters insurance. It is legal though, for a landlord to make renters insurance a requirement for renting an apartment, so in essence yes, a landlord can require you to have renters insurance. You might be able to find a renter willing to rent without it. The Express Insurance agency of Longwood, Florida reminds you, however, that renters insurance is very cheap and it is a good idea to have such a policy. Renters insurance is cheap, and you may adjust the price by adjusting the deductible and the amount of liability coverage you wish to have.

Usually, the requirement is for liability overage if nothing else. If your apartment is destroyed by fire and you are determined to be at fault, the interior could be rebuilt for the owner, for instance.  Renters insurance covers a lot more than the liability. It also covers your possessions. Many people do not realize that the landlord’s fire insurance policy does not cover the possessions of those renting. Renters insurance can also provide you with a place to stay if your apartment is damaged to the point of not being livable until it is repaired.

Contact Express Insurance of Longwood, FL to get the renters insurance you need. Reach them by phone or visit their website where you can get information about insurance and prices. You may also visit in person.  It is important to also keep records of your possessions, receipts, and photos if possible, to show that you had the possessions.  In addition to fire insurance, there is also insurance against theft, storm damage, and other accidents. 

4 Things You Should Do Before You Select A Commercial Insurance Policy

Your business is your source of livelihood. As such, you need to protect it from the many financial liabilities it may be subject to. You protect your business by purchasing the right commercial insurance policy.

However, you need to make sure your commercial policy will adequately and affordably protect your company’s needs.  The following are four things you need to do before purchasing a commercial insurance policy for the best results:

Find out what the legal requirements are

Commercial insurance is not necessarily an optional thing. You may need commercial insurance according to the rules of your local government.

Some types of commercial insurance you are probably required to have legally include general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and commercial auto insurance.

Familiarize yourself with the most common types of commercial insurance

There are numerous types of commercial insurance to consider. In addition to general liability, workers comp, and commercial auto, you may need any one of the following additional types to protect company assets:

  • Property 
  • Professional Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Errors and Omissions

Compare quotes from different providers

It’s important to shop around. Different insurance providers will offer more competitive rates than others. Also, different insurance providers may specialize in insuring different types of business.

Make sure you do some exploring and avoid getting a quote or information from only one insurance provider.

Work premium payments into your company budget

Your commercial insurance policy premiums are going to be an added business expense. This means you need to work the costs into financial projections to make sure premiums don’t put you in the red.

If you need assistance purchasing business insurance in Longwood, FL, contact us at Express Insurance to learn more about the policies we provide.

Why You Should Get Umbrella Insurance

All people need to make sure that they are properly covered by insurance. Most people are aware that they need to get adequate home and auto insurance. However, there are other types of insurance that Longwood, FL area residents need to consider as well. One very important type of insurance that should also be considered is umbrella insurance. There are several reasons why getting umbrella insurance is a great option for you.

Gives Coverage For Additional Risks

One of the main reasons why you should get umbrella insurance is that it will provide you with coverage for risks that are not covered by your other policies. Your home and auto policies will provide you with a good amount of liability insurance. However, there are a lot of specific situations in which you will not receive coverage. For example, if you are sued for libel or slander, you will not receive coverage under your base home insurance policy. However, this would be covered by umbrella insurance.

Gives Additional Coverage

Another reason to consider getting an umbrella insurance policy is that it will provide you with additional insurance coverage. One of the biggest concerns that people have with their base liability policies is that it may not provide enough coverage for extreme situations. However, if you are looking to bridge that gap, you can do so by purchasing an umbrella insurance policy that will give you additional liability coverage.

If you think that getting umbrella insurance would be a good idea, contacting the Express Insurance company could be a great first step. When people in the Longwood, FL area meet with Express Insurance they will receive more insight into the benefits of umbrella insurance and they will be able to better determine what type of policy and coverage levels they should get.


Will condo insurance cover my roommate’s things?

Living in a condo in Longwood, FL is a great way to experience the great location and sunny weather without having the additional responsibilities of someone in a house who has to take care of other property duties. Roommates can share expenses and help in other ways. Sometimes bad things happen, even in the best of circumstances, and you want to make sure you can recover from a setback. 

Hopefully, you already have an insurance policy to protect your condo in the event of a fire or theft. The policy you obtained through Express Insurance will help you when you experience an unforeseen circumstance. It will cover your property, including appliances, furniture, and personal possessions. 

An insurance policy is basically a contract. Your own policy has your name and information and is a contract between you and the insurance company. You provide your insurance premiums to the insurance company, and they help by providing coverage when you have a loss. Anyone who is not a party is not protected by it. Even your children will be listed on your contract so they can be protected. 

Your roommate, unless he or she is on the policy by name, is not a party and will receive no coverage. That means if there is a fire or theft, the property is not covered. If someone sues your roommate for an incident at the condo, the insurance company will not provide legal counsel or help to pay damages. And if the property becomes unlivable for whatever reason, the insurance will not assist your roommate in finding a temporary place to stay. 

If you have a roommate in your Longwood, FL condo, make sure they have the protection they need. Call  Express Insurance today for a free quote. 

5 Factors to Consider When Getting Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is essential for protecting your investment. A homeowner’s insurance policy from Express Insurance will safeguard your Longwood, FL home against wildfire, theft, vandalism or other unforeseen catastrophes. Before purchasing home insurance, however, consider the following factors.

Insurance Requirements

If you have a mortgage on your home, your mortgage company may require certain types of insurance coverage. Most lenders require that homeowners have property coverage to protect their investment against damage or loss. As Florida is prone to hurricanes, you may also be required to have flood insurance to cover flood damage.

Coverage Options

Besides the requirements, you can choose whatever coverage you feel necessary to protect your home and personal property. Take time to assess possible risks to your abode and talk to your agent about coverage options. Make sure you have sufficient coverage to protect your assets. Lack of coverage could result in your paying thousands of dollars for repairs out of pocket if you’re hit with a major catastrophe.

Liability Protection

When putting together your home insurance package, don’t forget liability coverage. Liability insurance pays for accidental injuries to guests on your property. If you entertain often, have a pool or own a dog, you face a greater risk of accidents. Liability coverage is a must to protect your interests.

Policy Riders

The property limits on a standard homeowners’ policy may not cover the cost of replacing pricey jewelry, family heirlooms or posh artwork. To protect these items from theft or loss, you may need to purchase a rider.


By opting for a high deductible, you can save money on your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you take good care of your property, you can avoid making claims until you suffer a major disaster.

For help in selecting a homeowner’s policy to suit your individual needs, contact an Express Insurance agent in Longwood, FL.

What You Should Look for in a Commercial Policy

Having adequate coverage for your business in Longwood, FL is important, and many business owners should look at their policies to make sure they are covered in a number of different events.

A Business General Liability Insurance Policy will cover many things for your business and will include physical damage, property damage, injuries that take place on the property or as a result of products, medical payments, cases of slander, libel or misleading advertising, and legal fees. Speaking with an agent at Express Insurance will help make sure that your general liability policy covers what you need for your specific business. While these policies cover many things, make sure you know the limits on coverage. Certain perishable items, like food, are excluded.  There could also be limits on different items. If you need more coverage for certain items, there are riders.

Your commercial policy should have policy limits that are high enough to protect your business. The amount that is necessary is going to depend on the risk your business faces. Insurance agents can help assess the risk.

Know who is covered under your policy. Usually, the type of business determines who is covered. For example, in a corporation, you, other owners, shareholders, and directors are usually covered. If you use subcontractors, they aren’t always covered.

While a business general liability policy will cover most of what you need for your business, there are other things you may want to add to your whole commercial insurance portfolio for extra coverage. If you have employees, workers’ compensation insurance will protect the company if there are any injuries on the job. There are other liability policies that could be necessary depending on your business, which includes liquor liability or pollution liability.

Contact Express Insurance serving Longwood, FL to find the right commercial insurance for your business needs.


3 Reasons Renters Should Always Have Insurance

Renters insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the contents of a rented house or apartment.  One of the most common misconceptions among renters is that if there is a disaster, such as a fire, that destroys their belongings, the landlord’s insurance will cover the cost of replacement. The truth is if there is any type of damages to your belongings while renting a house or apartment in Longwood, FL, you are responsible for the cost of replacement.

Landlords Insurance vs. Renters Insurance

While it’s true that the landlord is (should be) insured, their policy only covers the structure itself. They are responsible for protecting damages or loss that is caused by the building. For example, if there is a fire, the landlords Express insurance policy will cover the damages to the building itself; it will not cover any contents that do not belong to the landlord. It is the responsibility of the tenant to cover the damages and replacement costs for their personal belongings.

Renters Insurance is Inexpensive

One of the most common reasons why many renters do not consider buying renters insurance is because they think it is expensive and they aren’t aware of how expensive it would be to replace their belongings in the case of a disaster. The good news, renters insurance is generally inexpensive and the policy typically protects against damages caused by tornados, fire and smoke, theft or burglary and even thunderstorms. Some policies may also cover medical and/or legal expenses should someone get injured inside of your apartment.

Your Property is Valuable

Many renters underestimate the actual value of their property; they think since they have been using the same furniture or appliances for some time that their belongings aren’t of any value. However, it has been estimated that in general, the average home renter has about $30,000 worth of personal belongings, including furniture and appliances. Without renters insurance, when replacing your damaged belongings, the costs can add up quick.

Renters insurance is available in several different policy options. The ideal way to help determine which bracket of renters insurance applies to you is to do a complete inventory of all of your possessions. This will help to determine an actual or estimated value of the contents of your home. When doing inventory, don’t forget to include items such as clothing. Once you have tallied up the value of all of your stuff, you may be surprised at how much everything you own is actually worth.

Those in living in and around Longwood, FL interested in buying or learning more information about renters insurance should contact Express Insurance.

Umbrella Insurance: Help Your Kids Get to College

You are doing well. There is the comfortable house in Longwood, FL, three cars, the beach house and your business is booming. You have all the needed insurance policies from Express Insurance to cover the basics, but is it enough?  You need to look at umbrella insurance and why for such a low cost it is a smart investment.

When You have Maxed out Your Maximum Liability

You have raised the maximum payout for any accidents on your home and auto insurance.  That’s good, but what happens if your teenager destroys a Ferrari and sends the driver to the hospital with serious wounds?  Your insurance policy may not cover all of the medical costs and it most certainly isn’t going to buy a new supercar.  The injured party’s attorney is going to look around and see who can afford to pay for those bills.

You Have More to Lose

You have worked hard to amass your personal fortune. However, that single Ferrari and a lengthy hospital stay could empty out your wallet. You might end up selling the beach house or even dip into your business accounts to take care of the problem.

You could have an umbrella policy and it wouldn’t even be a problem.

Secure the Kids’ College Fund and Your Retirement

An umbrella policy picks up where your other policies leave off, including taking care of that $300,000 accident. You can still plan your beach vacation, the kids are still going to the University of their choosing, and you have peace of mind.

In the end, umbrella insurance is simply good accounting for the successful individual who has turned their Longwood, FL business into a going concern. Give your agent at Express Insurance a call today and ask how umbrella insurance can work for you.



What is Commercial Insurance?

In the simplest terms, commercial insurance is an insurance policy that is designed to protect a business. Commercial insurance is vital in protecting a business from many circumstances, like theft, liability, and damage to the business’ property. Aside from this, commercial insurance also covers injuries that employees sustain during work hours and any interruption of the business’ normal operation, provided that such interruption falls under certain categories. In a broad sense, these certain categories include natural disasters, violent events like riots, or even something more benign. Repairs to the business are one such example and commercial insurance policies will generally cover this as long as the damage is not the fault of the business.

The cost of commercial insurance varies greatly due to the type and size of the business covered under the plan.  A business in a high-risk neighborhood will also likely have a higher cost. Similarly, a business located in a low-risk area will probably have a lower cost due to the location’s increased safety. The type of business covered also affects the cost of coverage, but those are general figures for commercial insurance coverage in the state of Florida.

After learning all these facts about commercial insurance, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea for your business. Commercial insurance, while not cheap, is essential in protecting a business from financial loss. The cost of commercial insurance far outweighs the cost a business owner would have to deal with themselves if they did not have commercial insurance. With commercial insurance, the loss of revenue due to business interruption is covered thus the business remains financially viable even after it’s forced to close temporarily for whatever reason.

Many business owners in Longwood, FL choose the financial security of commercial insurance and if you are looking to become one of them, Express Insurance is the prime destination for all your needs. The company is serving Longwood, FL and if you want to contact them for further information, you can call Express Insurance at 407-215-7318.