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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Road Rage

A matter that affects many drivers across the globe, dealing with road rage is a scary concept for most motorists. Are you looking for tips to help you stay safe on the road and avoid triggering those who suffer from this condition? Keep reading.

5. Use Your Horn Sparingly– First and foremost, many instances of road rage begin with the simple sound of a car horn. While you may not mean any particular harm by pressing it, many take offense to being honked at and this causes an unfavorable reaction. Use your horn only when necessary, and never hold it for too long. 

4. Avoid Eye Contact – Many view eye contact as a direct challenge. If a driver is clearly irate, do not make eye contact with them and get as far away from them as possible. 

3. Don’t Annoy Other Drivers– While it may be tempting to weave in and out of traffic or play bumper tag with that super slow driver in front of you, this is also a surefire way to get someone riled up with road rage. Be as polite as you can, even with the worst drivers

2. Move Over if You’re Being Tailgated- It may be tempting to slam on those brakes and give the tailgater a taste of their own medicine, this is also a good way to make someone angry. Just move over!

1. Always Plan Ahead-  Given that many get into accidents and altercations when they are running late, planning your route ahead of time can save you tons of trouble and turmoil. 

Overall, ensuring that your car has enough insurance protection is the best way to avoid instances of road rage. Servicing the area of Longwood, FL, Express Insurance will give you all the coverage you need!