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What Are the Insurance Risks When You Work From Home?

For those who work from home, it is essential to understand the risks that may be present – but not covered under a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy. The insurance professionals at Express Insurance, serving the greater Longwood, FL vicinity, offer their guidance regarding the insurance risks when working from home.

What Are the Risks When You Work From Home?

Working from home, if you work for another company (and not for yourself), creates unique risks because, from a technical perspective, you are on your own property working for a separate company. Each employer determines the specific protocols for at-work employees and business-related activities, so it is important to understand how and if you will be compensated should something happen.

First, if you have one, check your current renter’s or homeowner’s policy to see if there are exclusions related to business activities. Then consider these potential situations –

  • If a business client is injured on your property, you should have sufficient liability or consider adding a rider or additional coverage.
  • Business Equipment/Property can be expensive, so ensure you have insurance coverage should there be a loss.
  • Depending on the work, the following types of policies may be a smart business move –
    • An Errors & Omissions Insurance policy can protect you from issues regarding your professional services.
    • Cybersecurity/Data Breach insurance covers cyber-attacks or other issues that may occur with possessing sensitive information digitally.

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