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Three problems you could face if you don’t make the right decision on your auto insurance policy

Car insurance mistakes can be costly if it turns out that you need to file a claim. At Express Insurance, we can help you meet your auto insurance needs in Longwood, FL.

The following are three problems you could face if you don’t make the right decision on your auto insurance policy.

Paying out of pocket for damage to your vehicle

The costs of vehicle damages can be extremely high. If you don’t purchase collision and comprehensive coverage, you could end up having to pay repair costs out of pocket.

This could create significant financial problems for you if your vehicle is involved in a severe accident and experiences a lot of damage. 

Having no transportation while your damaged vehicle is in the shop

One thing you really need to look out for on your collision coverage policy is rental car insurance. Rental car insurance will cover the costs of renting a vehicle when your vehicle is being repaired. This really comes in handy so that you have transportation available after an accident until your vehicle is repaired. 

Ending up in debt as the result of liability damages

If you are found at fault for a severe accident, liability damages can put you in debt. This is especially true if you’re involved in an accident that includes personal injury and medical bills.

You should purchase a sufficient amount of liability coverage when you buy auto insurance. This will minimize the chances that you’ll face debt as a result of a vehicle accident.  

Research your auto insurance options in Longwood, FL. We’re here to help you at Express Insurance. Get in touch with us to learn more about the auto insurance policies we offer.