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How to Make a Claim On Your Home Insurance

From a burst water pipe in the basement to a tree falling on your garage, knowing how to make a claim on your home insurance is important. It is something not everyone has experience with, so you may not know how to go about making such a claim. At Express Insurance, we want to ensure your Longwood, FL home is not only protected but that you understand how to make a claim on your insurance policy should the time ever arise. 

Contact the Police

Unlike an auto accident, the chances of you needing to contact the police are usually rather slim. However, if your home is broken into you will need to file a police report. This is a serious matter the police need to investigate. After contacting the police, you’ll need to report anything stolen. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you needed to contact the police make sure you have the police report number on hand. Your home insurance company will need to contact the police to verify some information. If you did not need to contact the police, you could simply contact the insurance company first thing. Report the issue to your insurance agent. They will tell you what to do next. 

Home Visit

Depending on the situation you may need to set up a home visit. This way the insurance provider can identify the potential cost of making repairs to restore the damaged area of your home (this is especially true if it is damaged during a storm). 

At Express Insurance we are here to assist in all your home insurance needs. If your home falls victim to a robbery, is damaged during a storm or suffers another form of damage, you now know how to make a claim on your Longwood, FL home insurance policy.