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Examples of Covered Perils

Longwood, FL residents are not mandated by law to obtain homeowners insurance. Yet, you will usually be required to purchase this coverage by your lender while you carry a balance on your mortgage. However, it is a choice that can protect your investment, even once the last payment has been made on your home.

Covered Perils

By definition, a peril causes damage, while a hazard is an exacerbating factor. Your insurance company has categories of scenarios for which they will accept claims and others for which they will not. Your Express Insurance agent can give you details on the specific events included in your policy. 

Different types of indemnification will extend to various situations, such as open peril, which means they will reimburse for any scenario that causes damage except those excluded. A named-peril clause has a list of certain claims it deals with. 

Examples of Perils Often Covered 

Power surges are a damaging phenomenon that can destroy electronics and appliances and sometimes even result in a conflagration. Lightning is another potential cause of the fire and can damage wiring within a structure. 

Water damage not caused by flooding tends to be a named peril, which may come in the form of a leaky roof due to heavy snow and thawing. Fallen tree branches and other natural events such as wind, hail, and sleet may create any number of problems for your house. Theft and vandalism can befall your property as well. 

Express Insurance Wants to Help

We can provide insurance products and services to meet the needs of your life, and we invite you to contact us for more information on homeowners insurance today. We service those living in and around Longwood, FL.