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Will Your Renter’s Insurance Cover Moving Expenses If You’re Apartment is Permanently Damaged?

If you are renting an apartment or home in the Longwood, FL area, you can call Express Insurance to get the information you need concerning renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies.  Their qualified agents can answer all of your insurance questions including those that involve moving from one rental to another if your home sustained significant damage and is no longer livable.

When Is Moving Mandatory?

Moving may be your only option if your apartment or rental home suffers significant damage. Severe storms, fire, structural abnormalities and other issues like black mold, can render your living area uninhabitable. When this occurs, you need to make other living arrangements immediately. 

What Type of Expenses Are Related to Moving?

It can be difficult to find a new place to live right away, so you may have to spend a few nights in a hotel. Depending on how detailed your insurance policy is, many of your moving expenses will be covered. This includes the cost of a hotel room and the use of a rental truck to make sure belongings are moved safely from one place to another. Your policy may also cover the cost of a storage unit while you are searching for a new home.

The agents of Express Insurance are available to ensure you have the coverage you need whether you are renting an apartment or own a home. If you rent in the Longwood, FL area and have experienced significant damage to your dwelling that has made it uninhabitable, call the office today to find out how they can help you get moved to a new apartment. They can answer your questions and make sure the transition goes smoothly.