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What is Commercial Insurance?

In the simplest terms, commercial insurance is an insurance policy that is designed to protect a business. Commercial insurance is vital in protecting a business from many circumstances, like theft, liability, and damage to the business’ property. Aside from this, commercial insurance also covers injuries that employees sustain during work hours and any interruption of the business’ normal operation, provided that such interruption falls under certain categories. In a broad sense, these certain categories include natural disasters, violent events like riots, or even something more benign. Repairs to the business are one such example and commercial insurance policies will generally cover this as long as the damage is not the fault of the business.

The cost of commercial insurance varies greatly due to the type and size of the business covered under the plan.  A business in a high-risk neighborhood will also likely have a higher cost. Similarly, a business located in a low-risk area will probably have a lower cost due to the location’s increased safety. The type of business covered also affects the cost of coverage, but those are general figures for commercial insurance coverage in the state of Florida.

After learning all these facts about commercial insurance, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea for your business. Commercial insurance, while not cheap, is essential in protecting a business from financial loss. The cost of commercial insurance far outweighs the cost a business owner would have to deal with themselves if they did not have commercial insurance. With commercial insurance, the loss of revenue due to business interruption is covered thus the business remains financially viable even after it’s forced to close temporarily for whatever reason.

Many business owners in Longwood, FL choose the financial security of commercial insurance and if you are looking to become one of them, Express Insurance is the prime destination for all your needs. The company is serving Longwood, FL and if you want to contact them for further information, you can call Express Insurance at 407-215-7318.