Renters Insurance in Florida

Families who rent a home or apartment in Longwood, Florida need to understand their own liability if there is a fire, hurricane, or other disaster that affects their house. Although the landlord should have insurance to take care of the structure of the building where you live, he will not be responsible for your personal possessions. Our independent insurance agents with Express Insurance will help you compare quotes and rates to find an affordable renters insurance policy.

If you or your family experience a fire, theft, water damage, or another disaster - you will want to replace destroyed items as quickly as possible.  A good renters insurance plan should take care of personal possessions like electronics, toys, and furniture. Most policies will allow you to determine if you want actual cash value or replacement cost coverage for the items in your home. Longwood, FL renters insurance agents can help you determine how much protection you need and will compare quotes to find the most affordable deal.

Liability coverage is also important when you rent a home. If you live in a large apartment complex, an accident could happen while friends are visiting your house.  For example, if your dog bites your neighbor's child, your renters insurance should take care of the expenses. If someone trips on a rug and injures himself during a party in your apartment, the no fault medical coverage should protect you. Our independent insurance agents with Express Insurance can help you understand renters insurance and how to find a plan for a great price.

Renters insurance is affordable and will give you peace of mind if you are affected by a disaster. Longwood, FL renters insurance agents will help you compare quotes and find a policy that fits your budget. Give us a call at Express Insurance today.