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Risks of Operating a Business Without Commercial Insurance

Running a business in Longwood, FL might be expensive, so the last thing you as a business owner want to do is to add on expenses for commercial insurance. However, not having commercial insurance can jeopardize your business and lead to the loss of your property, assets, and business income. Here is the list of risks of operating a business without insurance you should know:

Risk of breaking laws

According to Florida law, businesses must have a certain type of commercial insurance. For example, even if your company has only one employee, you must have at least general liability for your business. It helps to protect business owners from any direct and indirect damages to other parties. Also, if your company has four or more employees (either full- or part-time), workers’ compensation insurance is also required. 

Putting Your Employees and Yourself at Risk

Having workers’ compensation is important because it helps to protect you and your employees. It makes sure you can afford medical bills your employees might attain after a possible workplace accident. If you do not have workers’ compensation, you could be liable for a lawsuit, which would cause you financial losses and undermine your reputation. In addition to workers’ compensation, you might also need unemployment insurance for those employees who cannot work for a period of time. 

Risk of Property Loss

If anything happens to your commercial building, without commercial insurance you might end up losing possession of your property and ability to continue operation. Having business insurance is a guarantee that your property is protected against different types of damage, including fire, flood, and more. 

It does not matter, whether you have a small business with only one employee or a bigger company with hundreds of employees – Express Insurance in Longwood, FL is here for you and ready to serve all your insurance needs. Visit our website to see commercial insurance options offered by Express Insurance and choose the one that is right for you and your business.