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How Condo Insurance Protects You

Getting condo insurance is an important responsibility that you have when you own a condo. These policies protect you against an array of things that can go wrong. If you are buying a condo and need condo insurance, contact us right away at Express Insurance in Longwood, FL. 

Liability Coverage

One type of condo coverage is one that people don’t think about when it comes to their condo. Liability insurance for condos is just as important as it is for houses. It is a type of coverage that comes in handy if someone were to get sick or injured while in your condo. This coverage pays for the medical bills from an illness or injury that happens there, and it’s included in virtually all condo policies. 

Dwelling Coverage

Another part of your condo policy protects the dwelling itself. While the outside of the condo is not your responsibility and must be insured by your condo board, the inside is insured by the owner. This coverage covers major damage being done to the inside of the property. If there were to be an accident, calamity or disaster that causes major damage, you know it will be taken care of when you have this coverage. 

Possessions Coverage

Another type of coverage you get from your condo insurance is protection for your belongings. This coverage type is vital for helping you to rebuild your normal life after a serious incident has ruined or destroyed your things. It can help you get things back to normal by replacing many of the items you owned. 

Condo Coverage

Every condo owner needs condo insurance. If you don’t have your policy yet, call us today at Express Insurance in Longwood, FL.