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Umbrella Insurance: Help Your Kids Get to College

You are doing well. There is the comfortable house in Longwood, FL, three cars, the beach house and your business is booming. You have all the needed insurance policies from Express Insurance to cover the basics, but is it enough?  You need to look at umbrella insurance and why for such a low cost it is a smart investment.

When You have Maxed out Your Maximum Liability

You have raised the maximum payout for any accidents on your home and auto insurance.  That’s good, but what happens if your teenager destroys a Ferrari and sends the driver to the hospital with serious wounds?  Your insurance policy may not cover all of the medical costs and it most certainly isn’t going to buy a new supercar.  The injured party’s attorney is going to look around and see who can afford to pay for those bills.

You Have More to Lose

You have worked hard to amass your personal fortune. However, that single Ferrari and a lengthy hospital stay could empty out your wallet. You might end up selling the beach house or even dip into your business accounts to take care of the problem.

You could have an umbrella policy and it wouldn’t even be a problem.

Secure the Kids’ College Fund and Your Retirement

An umbrella policy picks up where your other policies leave off, including taking care of that $300,000 accident. You can still plan your beach vacation, the kids are still going to the University of their choosing, and you have peace of mind.

In the end, umbrella insurance is simply good accounting for the successful individual who has turned their Longwood, FL business into a going concern. Give your agent at Express Insurance a call today and ask how umbrella insurance can work for you.