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Why Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

We tend to insure the things in our lives with the most value. Our cars, homes, health, and loved ones are things we insure just in case something terrible happens. Anytime disaster of any kind strikes it can take a huge emotional toll and we want to make sure that we are financially covered in those situations so we can deal with whatever life hands us. Insuring our place of business should be just as important as insuring the other things of value in our lives. Your business is your livelihood. It is what helps you support the life you live and it should also be protected.

Commercial insurance covers your business in many different situations. You can cover the actual property and vehicles associated with the business in case of damage. You can cover legal issues that may arise due to a business related interaction like a customer injury on the property. Workers compensation can be covered in case an employee is ever injured on the job. Whatever the incident is, it can likely be covered.

If you leave your business uncovered then you are leaving it vulnerable. Should something happen while you are in this vulnerable state, could you pay out of pocket for all the damages? If you are sued. If there is a fire. If you are held liable for an employee’s injury. It’s likely any of these situations would put you in a financial bind that could put you out of business altogether. That would be a devastatingly life changing blow that could easily be prevented.

Call one of our knowledgeable and friendly Express Insurance agents in Santa Monica, CA today to make sure your business is never left uncovered. We can walk you through the process of obtaining exactly the commercial insurance policy you need!