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Some of the Most Common Disasters That Can Threaten Your Home

Homes are often a family’s most valuable investment. Unfortunately, however, you may find that natural disasters threaten your home. Thankfully, you can take out home insurance policies to cover many events. That said, it is crucial to study each policy as not every natural disaster may be covered. Let’s look at some natural disasters you should watch out for as a homeowner. Contact Express Insurance, serving Longwood, FL, if you have questions.


In Florida, hurricanes are perhaps the most well-known natural disaster. These powerful storms can impact entire communities and regions. If you own a home in Florida, preparing for hurricanes is essential. That includes taking out the right insurance policies.


Wildfires can also cause widespread devastation. If a wildfire has broken out near your home, it’s important to prioritize safety. These natural disasters can prove especially deadly and often very unpredictable.

Tornadoes and Water Sprouts

While Florida doesn’t experience as many tornadoes as other parts of the country, these weather events are still a grave threat. Unfortunately, if a tornado strikes your house, it could quickly be destroyed. You may also lose vehicles and other pieces of property.


Many Floridians are familiar with floods. Floods are common since Florida is a low-lying state surrounded by oceans and is regularly hit with powerful storms. For better or worse, however, damage caused by flooding may not be covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance plan. Fortunately, it may be possible to acquire coverage by taking out a separate flood insurance policy.

Ultimately, natural disasters can be devastating. Fortunately, the right home insurance policies can provide protection if you live in or near Longwood, FL. Contact Express Insurance to discuss policy options.