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Will Your Renter’s Insurance Cover Moving Expenses If You’re Apartment is Permanently Damaged?

If you are renting an apartment or home in the Longwood, FL area, you can call Express Insurance to get the information you need concerning renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies.  Their qualified agents can answer all of your insurance questions including those that involve moving from one rental to another if your home sustained significant damage and is no longer livable.

When Is Moving Mandatory?

Moving may be your only option if your apartment or rental home suffers significant damage. Severe storms, fire, structural abnormalities and other issues like black mold, can render your living area uninhabitable. When this occurs, you need to make other living arrangements immediately. 

What Type of Expenses Are Related to Moving?

It can be difficult to find a new place to live right away, so you may have to spend a few nights in a hotel. Depending on how detailed your insurance policy is, many of your moving expenses will be covered. This includes the cost of a hotel room and the use of a rental truck to make sure belongings are moved safely from one place to another. Your policy may also cover the cost of a storage unit while you are searching for a new home.

The agents of Express Insurance are available to ensure you have the coverage you need whether you are renting an apartment or own a home. If you rent in the Longwood, FL area and have experienced significant damage to your dwelling that has made it uninhabitable, call the office today to find out how they can help you get moved to a new apartment. They can answer your questions and make sure the transition goes smoothly.


Umbrella Insurance For Your Small Business

Usually, your standard insurance policy will cover most of your small business insurance needs. In certain situations, it makes sense to get even more coverage with umbrella insurance. While umbrella insurance will cost slightly more than standard coverage, it’s worth it when it gives you peace of mind.

There are two main reasons that you may want to consider umbrella coverage for your small business. First, it’s likely that there are certain situations that are not covered by your current insurance policy. For example, it’s possible that your current policy may only cover issues that occur in your home office. An umbrella policy could expand coverage to cover events that occur out of the office. While this may seem frivolous, it’s actually quite helpful if you host events or meetings out of the office (conferences, the company Christmas party, etc.). Secondly, your current insurance policy has monetary coverage limits. An umbrella policy could increase those limits, so you don’t find yourself in a financial bind if you exceed your current available insurance payout. 

Umbrella policies are not one-size-fits-all. It’s important to consider the type of work you do, the likelihood that you’ll exceed your current insurance policy, and how much you’re able to pay for umbrella insurance.  Your Express Insurance agent serving Longwood, FL will meet with you and help you decide on the perfect umbrella insurance policy for your small business. When you meet your Express Insurance agent, be sure to bring a copy of your current insurance policy, a list of your employees/ payroll, and a list of prior insurance losses so that your agent can help you decide what kind of additional coverage you need.

3 Tips to Buying Boat Insurance

As a Florida boat owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the protection of your vessel. Boat insurance will not only cover your boat investment but will protect other boaters in the event of an accident out in the water. By taking time to discuss insurance options and costs with an Express Insurance agent in Longwood, FL, you can get a better understanding of what kind of protection boat insurance has to offer. The following tips can help you find just the insurance coverage you need. 

Work with a Reputable Insurer

The first step towards getting boat insurance is to work with a reputable insurer. A trustworthy insurer can help guide you in selecting the right coverage for you. Customizing your policy will bring your coverage in line with your personal boating habits and financial means.  

Become Familiar with Insurance Options

Before selecting an insurance package, become familiar with insurance options. Your choice of insurance will depend on a great deal on the type and size of boat you own, where and how often you go boating, your boating experience, the type of accessories you have (trailer, boating equipment), etc. Naturally, insurance coverage for a new, customized boat will be more comprehensive and expensive than for an older model. By customizing your policy, you can get the protection you need without wasting funds on unnecessary coverage.

Understand Your Policy

When choosing boat insurance, take time to ask questions concerning various policies and what they have to offer. It’s important you understand the protection you are receiving in case you have an accident. If you go boating often, be sure to obtain adequate liability coverage to protect your assets against an accident that causes serious damage to someone else’s boat or injury to others.

At Express Insurance, Longwood, FL, we can help you obtain a boat insurance policy suited to your specific needs. 

What Florida Homeowners Should Know About Hurricane Season

Homeowner’s insurance can protect your Longwood, FL home against the risk of hurricane damage. By talking to an Express Insurance agent, you can get a better understanding of coverage options to protect your property. The more knowledgeable you are about home insurance and the benefits it has to offer, the better prepared you will be against any eventuality.

Protection of Home

As hurricanes are quite common for the Florida area, you should ensure your home insurance coverage includes storm, hail and wind damage along with such perils as theft, fire, and vandalism. Home insurance can help cover the cost of repairing your home’s roof, siding or windows in the event of a major storm. Home insurance can also cover damage caused by trees or other debris falling on your property.

Protection of Personal Belongings

If rain enters your home due to shattered windows or roof damage, your insurance can help pay for damage to personal goods such as furniture, clothing or appliances. Having an up to date inventory of personal goods will facilitate any claims you may have to make. A policy that provides for replacement costs of damaged goods makes it easier for you to recover your losses. Standard homeowner’s insurance also covers additional living expenses if you have to stay elsewhere while your home is being restored. 

Prepping Home against Hurricane Damage

Home insurance protects your property and personal goods whether you remain in place or evacuate your property due to a hurricane. If you plan to evacuate, prep your home before leaving by putting up storm shutters, securing patio furniture and storing plants, yard statues, etc., to minimize damage and protect your valuables.   

For more information on how homeowner’s insurance can protect your Longwood, FL home against hurricane damage, contact us at Express Insurance.  

3 Tips to Understand Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is confusing for many people, and few can agree on how exactly it should be done. It’s why insurance laws come under review, and why rates change for company owners who are just trying to get by in a competitive world. If you live in Longwood, FL, and just want to learn more about the basics, keep these tips in mind from Express Insurance. 

You Can Tailor Your Policy 

If you have a business in Longwood, FL, you’re required to have certain factors covered, such as workers compensation and unemployment. Beyond that though, you need to start checking off the other major boxes from there. Lawsuits, customer injuries, theft, weather damage — not preparing for these disasters can take a business down quickly. 

Check (and Double Check) Your Deductible

Deductibles can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and most business owners don’t have that kind of cash to pay upfront before insurance starts kicking in. Each policy has their own deductible, so you’ll need to pay attention to hidden costs and fees anywhere and everywhere they may hide. 

Insurance Costs Can Be Written Off

Commercial insurance is a part of your normal business expenses, meaning you can write it off on your taxes. In addition to helping your business stay afloat during the hardest of times, it can help your taxes be a little bit easier to bear. 

Express Insurance is here to give you tips and tricks if you’re looking to make the most of your commercial insurance plan. While we can’t stop insurance laws from changing, we can assist you in helping to pick out a good policy. If you’re looking for a quote or just want to tell us your story, give us a call for further details. 

Steps to Take if Your Car Has Hail Damage

Hail damage to a vehicle is very frustrating. One, it causes a lot of damage to a vehicle and, two, there is nothing that can be done in order to prevent it from happening. The damage is so drastic in some cases that the federal government will help with the costs if it is a particularly big storm. Unless you live in an area with a lot of thunderstorms, this is probably not an issue for you. If you do sustain hail damage to your vehicle, here are the steps that need to be taken. 

Contact Your Insurer Immediately – Don’t waste time in reporting damage. In many cases of hail damage, the damage happens to a lot of people in the region, meaning there will be a lot of claims. You want to get in early so you don’t have to wait too long to get your car fixed or get your settlement check. The longer you wait to report the damage, the longer you wait to hear back about your claim. In areas of substantial damage, this could be an extremely long waiting period. 

Take Pictures – Be sure to document the damage in order to have proof if the claim is disputed. This usually isn’t an issue with most insurers like Express Insurance in Longwood, FL, but it never hurts to be completely prepared. 

The most important thing that you need to do is make sure that your car is properly insured against hail damage before anything happens. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true if you live in an area where this is a high probability. Most insurers will recommend the coverage as part of your plan when you shop with them. 

How to Make a Claim On Your Home Insurance

From a burst water pipe in the basement to a tree falling on your garage, knowing how to make a claim on your home insurance is important. It is something not everyone has experience with, so you may not know how to go about making such a claim. At Express Insurance, we want to ensure your Longwood, FL home is not only protected but that you understand how to make a claim on your insurance policy should the time ever arise. 

Contact the Police

Unlike an auto accident, the chances of you needing to contact the police are usually rather slim. However, if your home is broken into you will need to file a police report. This is a serious matter the police need to investigate. After contacting the police, you’ll need to report anything stolen. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you needed to contact the police make sure you have the police report number on hand. Your home insurance company will need to contact the police to verify some information. If you did not need to contact the police, you could simply contact the insurance company first thing. Report the issue to your insurance agent. They will tell you what to do next. 

Home Visit

Depending on the situation you may need to set up a home visit. This way the insurance provider can identify the potential cost of making repairs to restore the damaged area of your home (this is especially true if it is damaged during a storm). 

At Express Insurance we are here to assist in all your home insurance needs. If your home falls victim to a robbery, is damaged during a storm or suffers another form of damage, you now know how to make a claim on your Longwood, FL home insurance policy. 

Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning

Since winter is almost over, spring is on its way. For many homeowners in Longwood, FL, that means it is time to start spring cleaning. While some people enjoy doing this, most people do not but it is something that must be done. Before you get started, be sure to check out these spring cleaning tips from Express Insurance 

  • Dust everything. Before you get started on anything else, you should take the time to dust everything inside your home. A lot of dust can build up during the summer months and now is a great time to get rid of it. 
  • Consider one or two projects. You may think you have a lot to do around the home this spring but you may not be able to get to everything. When you are making your list of things to do, limit yourself to one or two projects. If you finish everything and still have the time and energy to do more, then go ahead and work on something else. Just do not set yourself up for failure by putting too much on your plate. 
  • Ask for help. You do not have to do all of this alone. Ask for help from family and friends. Not only will it get done faster but you will also have more fun while you are doing it. 

Once you have completed your spring cleaning, next is making sure your home is well protected. The best way you can do this is by having a great home insurance policy. If you do not already have one in place, now is the perfect time to do so. Be sure to contact Express Insurance, serving Longwood, FL. They can help you find a great policy that also meets your budget needs. 

Should I Agree to Driving Monitoring to Lower Insurance?

A trend that has been increasing in the insurance world involves customers voluntarily agreeing to restrictions in their behavior that inherently reduces risk for the insurance provider. For example, health insurance policies have been giving Longwood, FL customers bonuses for quitting smoking, exercising or reducing their weight. In terms of auto insurance, the most common restriction/benefit offered is one where the driver agrees to have a monitoring tool installed in the vehicle to track speed and general driving location. According to Express Insurance experts, If the driver agrees and follows a voluntary restriction of driving slower, safer and avoiding specific hazards, he or she then gets a reduction in a related insurance premium the following billing cycle.

The fear of big brother watching, the idea that the government or some large entity is invading a person’s privacy, has always been a counter-argument. However, it’s important to understand that any kind of insurance monitoring on a vehicle is voluntary and agreed to by the customer. Unlike justice programs that require monitoring for penalties, the insurance monitoring only "watches" the car’s performance and specific measurements, like speed of travel. And a customer can end the monitoring as well when desired. Granted, the rate cut benefit then disappears as well. The two go hand-in-hand. That said, a good number of customers who have tried the monitoring agreement have found it was pretty simple, no great conspiracy, and a convenient way to save some hear-earned money on a regular basis.

To find out more about what sort of monitoring programs and rate cut benefits are available in the Longwood, FL region, car drivers can give the folks at Express Insurance a call or email. They can provide the details on which insurance company offer the option with car insurance and how it works. And a little bit of knowledge can go a long way toward adding some savings in the bank account.


The Latest Home Safety Devices: Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and More

The latest and greatest innovations in home safety devices provide advanced features for increased protection of you, your loved ones, and your home. Alerting you about smoke progression, fires, and carbon monoxide infiltration, these handy safety devices have been around for over a 100 years. Through the years, the features have changed, but the concept remains the same – signal systems of danger. With all the high-tech devices on the market, you can find one to fit and address your needs, so let’s clear the smoke and dive into some alert systems.

When looking for a defense against fire and smoke, you’ll find some of the most cutting-edge smoke detectors and fire alarms for your house. Now, there’s a difference in the mechanics and functionality of these two systems. A smoke detector checks for the presence of smoke, and a fire alarm provides heat sensors and sprinklers. For latest types of smoke sensors, you’ll find Ionization, photoelectric, and dual-sensor devices. Ionization models provide peak testing of minute particles usually found in fast, flaming fires. Photoelectric styles test for larger particles associated with heavy, more dense and smokey fires. Dual-sensor protectors combine the abilities of both of these models for small and large particle detection. Whether it’s a smoke detector or fire alarm, you can connect these types of systems to your mobile or Internet-accessing device – a techie feature.

So how do these fire detection systems provide you with mobile fire alerts? These systems are integrated with the world of app connections, so you receive these signals from a downloaded app linked to your alert device. With an app link through a mobile device, phone, laptop, or desktop, you get a whenever and wherever connection to the alarm activation. Other features not to be missed are digital functionality with a link to a monitoring service that notifies the police, fire department, or your phone; and voice alarm systems. Along with these defenses against fires, there are devices that detect silent, odorless, but highly dangerous carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide detectors check for the existence of this lethal gas. A toxic substance that is the top cause of death due to poisoning in the United States. This gas is released from the burning of gasoline, natural gas, wood, propane or charcoal. The most advanced devices function in one of three ways through a biomimetic sensor, metal oxide semiconductor, or electrochemical sensor. Some more advanced features include a digital screen showing gas levels and Smart detectors that sync with apps to provide alerts to the end user. And, of course, the best of both of these detection worlds merges the capabilities of a smoke and carbon monoxide system into one device.

So, whether it’s a single or dual safety device for the home, there are now more sensitive and reliable sensor devices to detect smoke and carbon monoxide. With these latest technology systems, you get advanced capability to defend you, your loved ones, and your home. Keep it safe with the most current detection devices, and let Express Insurance, serving Longwood, FL, protect your risk of damage to or loss of your home with insurance coverage. Having both home safety mechanisms and home insurance, you’re protected on both ends in the event of a covered fire or carbon monoxide leak.